James Bratton
James Bratton, Founder and CEO

MST Constructors, Inc is an amalgamation of talents, skills, and people, which has evolved under the leadership of one individual for over 30 years. At the core of this direction, James Bratton, founder and president, has created a unique vehicle to execute the development of real estate as a total concept. This "totalability" concept is the essence of the financial package for real estate projects. MST was created to provide developers with a service to properly evaluate, design, and construct a financially viable real estate opportunity.

The founder, James Bratton, has worked at all levels of real estate development. Beginning in the early seventies, James approached the concept of "totalability" as the Vice President of a national shopping center developer. The design, construction, and leasing was under one roof. He approached retail development as a package, specifically designed for the end use and location. By designing cost-effective buildings, constructed at the best price, he produced leasable low-maintenance buildings. James founded his own general contracting company in 1979, in Houston, Texas.

As a licensed realtor, Bratton read the pulse of Houston's speculative real estate market and moved the operation to the Los Angeles area in the late 1980's. Although James was a pioneer in the self-storage industry, the single-story mini-warehouses of the 1970's and 80's were no longer challenging. James merged his talents with a fellow Butler builder in the L.A. area, renamed the company, and real diversity soon followed. The Retail & Office, Institutional, and Industrial markets heated up. In 1993 Bratton returned to Texas and relocated his operation to Austin, a central location with a high standard of living at a low operation cost. Licensed Coast to Coast across the country, MST was ready to provide services as the "Corporate Constructors of the Southwest". This title rang true as MST re-entered the Storage industry as one the nation's leading design / build general contractors, working as the development service company for some of the nation's largest REITS. MST could provide the storage industry a total package presention for the boards of directors of publicly traded companies.

MST is involved in design, permitting and construction from escrow, throughout construction, and to completion. MST provides real-time costing and scheduling for changes from feasibility to prototype development. The building product has grown from single story mini warehouses to multi-story climate controlled landmark buildings designed and constructed in the nation's most dense areas.

MST is a Multi-Service Team, Multi-State Team, Multi-Story Team, and Multi-Site Team. MST is simply a new way of spelling "totalability" development.