MST provides a Consultant team of designers, engineers, and contractors to develop projects across the United States. Using state-of-the-art technology, our designers can generate a satellite image of your property and overlay a computer generated site plan that begins to illustrate the usable area of your site. Our engineer can then qualify the proposed design to meet the jurisdictional requirements specific to your project. We can usually generate this information in a few days. Through continued communication with the owner, computer generated renderings can also be produced to present to local planning & zoning officials. This can help to approve variances our engineer requests that improve your usable area.

The MST Team utilizes professional Consultants to provide various services required for pre-construction. We have long standing relationships with our consultants; they know our construction methods and can produce sealed drawings that detail your project, keeping to the original design in the most cost-effective manner possible.

When the project moves into construction, our Construction Manager communicates with the design team to eliminate constructability issues and avoid problems before they stop the critical path of your job. This team dynamic can manage projects all across the Nation, including Texas, California and Florida. This form of management recognizes that each area needs local skills and talents directed by a single management source. MST directs each team to meet your specific performance requirements in cost, design, and construction. This web of professionals allows MST to draw on solutions from many sources. For example, volume buying and resource leveling insures MST clients a great range of solutions for today's constantly changing real estate market.

The most important part of the MST Team is the client. MST makes it easy for the customer to stay in control of your project by simplifying the entire process and management issues with our Turn Key system. Don't take our word for it - read through our Press and Testimonials.

The MST Team works together with our clients for success.