Self-Storage News, May 2007 | Wesco Storage/Wimberley Glass

What's New in
Building, Design and Materials?

by Greg Godsey, MST Constructors

In the last several years some of the larger storage REITS had slowed their building programs nation-wide. Recently, we are starting to see those same entities begin to build again. We're looking forward to several big years for the entire industry as the large REITS are implementing aggressive building programs that will translate into work for suppliers and constructors alike.
Above photo is of Wimberley Glass in San Marcos. "We finished this project about four months ago and used an insulated metal panel product for the exterior siding," said Godsey. "We are working on a storage project in Georgetown that uses the same panel, and we are doing an industrial manufacturing job in San Marcos that is also using the product."

We are seeing a fresh burst of new owners coming from other industries. This, combined with jurisdictional entities making storage entitlements difficult, has more and more sites going "mixed use." A designer or demographic firm that understands other complementing uses to storage will be a valuable player as deals become more sophisticated in dense commercial areas.

The concealed fastener and insulated metal panel is becoming more widely used. Most often found in industrial freezers, the insulated metal panel has several benefits and is making waves in the storage world. The panel gets great r-values which helps reconcile our ever-increasing need to conserve energy. The product installs quickly, eliminating interior finish work for most applications. Some owners have negotiated cheaper contents insurance premiums by virtue of the concealed fastener system. The panel moves the need for batting insulation which can be a maintenance nightmare for owners that choose to leave the inside surface of the outside walls exposed. The panel still has a "blistering" problem in hot summers and with dark colors. This can normally be alleviated be selecting a manufacturer that guarantees against thermal blistering.

-Greg Godsey
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Cutting-Edge Design
The photo on the left and the photo above show the attractive design used for a multi-use project built by MST Constructors in Southern California. According to Senior Design Project Manager Greg Godsey, the firm also has several other multi-use projects in early stage development.

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